Pottery bowls with wavy rims

Why the Wavy Rims?

Sometimes inspiration comes in unexpected forms.  While most of my pottery is designed through a more traditional method, the signature wavy rim featured on almost everything I make started as an accident.  

I was teaching a class in Chicago and trying to alter the rim of a plate to make it square.  My attempt failed and in an effort to hide the mistake from the students, I tried to smooth it out.  When I stopped the wheel, the plate was ruined, but there was a lovely little undulation along one side of the rim.  

As I started pushing this concept forward, I found I was able to create pots that had a tremendous amount of visual movement.  Up to this point, I had always made pots with smooth, flowing surfaces on the walls of the piece.  Now I was able to continue that flow all the way across the rim of the piece.

Over the past few years, the wavy top has found its way onto almost every pot that I make.  I feel it represents the style of work I want to make, focusing on form, function, and fluid lines.  Plus I simply think it looks cool!