We are now Down Under!

What a year it has been!  2016 was a year full of change and without question the biggest event of all was our move to Australia!

img_9620At the start of the year, Anna was offered a new position in Sydney.  While we knew this was going to be a complicated and challenging transition, we knew we couldn’t pass on such an exciting opportunity.

Anna’s new position required her to move as soon as possible and she arrived in Sydney in April.  The most difficult portion of the move involved getting the pup through his six month quarantine process, requiring me to stay with him a bit longer in the US.  All went as planned, though, and I joined Anna on this adventure at the end of August.

It was certainly a very challenging and somewhat sad process to leave my studio and kilns behind.  I knew the best thing would be to get right back to work.  Fortunately, Australia has a very strong and welcoming ceramics community and I was quickly able to make some new friends and start working again.

A fortunate meeting happened through Instagram as I was invited by Chris James to put on a short Saturday workshop for his students at Northern Beaches Ceramics – Brookvale TAFE.  What was originally designed as a four hour workshop grew into a much deeper connection with the department and I am so happy to now be working as their first resident artist!  It is a truly remarkable workshop/studio and I couldn’t have landed in a better location.

I am so excited to begin a new year in Australia and looking forward to all the new experiences that lie ahead.