Todd Pletcher

Todd Pletcher – Ceramic Artist

I got my start in ceramics at Northridge High School in 1998.  I immediately fell in love with clay and decided to attempt a career in ceramics.  I majored in Ceramics at Goshen College while simultaneously working at Dick Lehman Pottery across town.  This dual training was instrumental in broadening ...

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Our Story

My partner, Anna, and I met in Chicago while she was taking evening adult ceramics classes at Park West Ceramics. I became her instructor once she moved to the intermediate class. And no, it was certainly not like the movie “Ghost” although we wish it was. After several years of ...

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I define myself as an artist and craftsman, a creator of useful and beautiful ceramic pots.  It is my desire to make items for everyday living, while adding a touch of quality and beauty in the home. The foundation of my training is in production pottery.  I generate large quantities ...

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